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Donate money locally.We are Blue Silk group and as musicians and entertainers we love helping brides and grooms that just can't afford to have a memorable wedding so we appreciate when you donate locally to help us.Not extravagant but just a wedding that's nice and memorable.We have actually played at one wedding that had bacon and biscuits with little jars or jelly to serve the guests.No joke.But what was most beautiful was that the couple was so in love that they had their wedding regardless of little to no money and we were happy to be there to help.The couple has now gone on to raise two beautiful children and have done pretty good for themselves.
We are happy that we could be there to assist them on their journey. Here you can donate locally to help.At this time we have lost all of our work at this time due to the coronavirus pandemic so we are in need of support as we too have families and children to support.Any gift-donation that you make is greatly appreciated and we sincerely thank you for your generosity and kindness in this terrible time for all of us.All we have is each other and this is the time that we (worldwide) are calling on each other as brothers and sisters,friends and neighbors to help each other get through this.Thank again for your gift to aid us in relief from covid-19 pandemic.Please donate now.

Donate Locally Here!!

We are hoping that the Covid 19 pandemic will not become our new way of life.Let us all join together and do what we can to help each other in support during covid 19 pandemic.It has empacted everybody all over and it has been so devastating in so many places that it is sometimes referred to as "war".We will survive it all because we have to.We are doing our part as well as many others in trying to make the best of these times.Keep your chin up and try not to be discouraged.We have bounced back from many pandemics in the past and we know that in time relief will be here and we will all be able to return to life as we know it.Covid 19 is a monster but we will beat it.Best wishes and good health to you and yours.

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We enjoy playing and performing all over and we have made quite a few friends while on our musical journey and just when things were beginning to look even brighter here comes covid-19.Wow!The pandemic that caught us all off guard and left us worlwide in a state of shock.Our prayers go out to everyone as we hope you and your families are all doing well and we hope that you don't have to suffer during covid 19,but if you do we hope it's not too band and hopefully you'll be able to bounce back.We have talked to many of our fans and they are all trying to endure and keep safe.
We can be reached on our site at
Covid-19 has really set us back so any gift that you donate is appreciated.Our fans had to cancel parties and weddings and even concerts and even the business owners that hired us are trying to survive.We remain positive in these times and we just want to say to you one last time "thank you for your generosity!!!"We refuse to let Covid 19 defeat us!~Love you very much! Blue Silk Band

Donate Locally

There are many people that love to help and support local causes and we appreciate all of your charitable donations to help us during the covid19 pandemic as well as to help keep our costs down with brides and grooms planning their weddings that are struggling with their budgets to make it happen.
Those of you that are searching for black organizations to donate money to including BLM organizations,Black Live Matter charities,Black groups including charity organizations that are still around from the civil rights movements to religous christian organizations to donate money to we welcome your support.Simply click the link to donate and know that we appreciate your help.We are not an organized charity but a group that goes out to different local areas helping brides and grooms that want to get married.We do not discriminate.We want to help everybody that we can regardless of color,race,religion or the like.To donate locally simply click the link and you'll be taken to a page where you can make a donation easy and quick to help.
Regarding the changes being made all over please know that we wish everybody well and believe that it will all work out better in the end and we will all be okay.As a group we don't like to focus on political movements or things like that,we are just here to help all that we can as a group and we can happily admit that we have always been treated kindly at all of the events that we have performed.
At this time we have noticed that many brides have been planning weddings outdoors sue to covid 19 and just know that we don't mind that at all.We want to be safe while performing and respectfully want to do our part to keep others safe as best we can so no worries if you are interested in hiring a band or booking a band for a wedding or if you are interested in hiring a band for a party or fundraiser event.

Where To Donate Money Locally

A great place to donate money locally is to a local band.And the reason is that even though a band is not a local charity,local bands are always lowering their budgets to assist the less fortunate that need entertainment for weddings,fundraisers,and charity events.There are bands that play locally as well as throughout the country that continue to give to others by lowering the cost to help make events happen for those that can't afford large budget events but for one reson or another need to pull the event off none-the-less and many of these events are charity events that actually take donations.Supporting bands is a great way to give to those in need and the poor.Donate money now to a local band.

Give To Help Black Charities

Giving money to help black charities includes giving money to local black entertainers since they are usually the backbone to many charity events that take donations.Blue Silk is a great local band to give money to as they continue to give back by lowering their costs to play for events including charity events and weddings.This band plays locally but also travel to local events far beyond their hometown.Make your donation to help now.

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